“(Con)spiritus Sancti 3: [Illuminati]on, Part 1”

“The devil is only a convenient myth invented by the real malefactors of our world” (Robert Anton Wilson)

“. . . there are periods of history when the visions of madmen and dope fiends are a better guide to reality than the common-sense interpretation of data available to the so-called normal mind. This is one such period, if you haven’t noticed already.” (Robert Anton Wilson)

Do you remember the police brutality and hostile protests in Miami over the FTAA a few years ago?

What’s the final threshold to be crossed before the match is lit and the bastards burn it down—turn all the cities of the world into burning odes to Nero’s, as the appropriately named Club of Rome might want? How many jagged-glass windows must be dressed in pearls of Innocents’ blood?

And who are those bastards of which I speak? If you believe the police and media, it’s black and Latino males and their gangs, but that’s a load of shit—the lower economic class of which they are a part is reaching upwards into the realm of affecting things only occasionally—especially now when a drive-by can fall under the terms of TERRORISM. …Not that these loose associations of disenfranchised, disowned teens are trying to affect the larger world beyond their turf—they’re too busy just trying to survive.

And that’s the whole design.

Keep a minor threat manageable and relatively harmless but make it appear to be a massive threat to national security and you keep your law enforcement agencies and court system looking like they’re chock full of trod-upon heroes, trying to turn the tide, no matter how biased or harsh they get. You know the realities and origins of the rampant drug trade, the growing poverty class, unaffordable education, the prison–military–industrial complex—they’re all key components of State Control and government oppression. Old News. So why, you ask, do I bring this up now, with so many other, more pressing matters (global warming, shrinking gas and oil supplies, a farcical/Imperialistic war, the Presidential “Election” [the next round of Who’s the Public Face of the Private Cash Machine, etc.) at hand?

Because it’s the backdrop for everything that’s to come.

There’s an increasing visibility to these things. The stronger the State becomes, the less clandestine it makes its operations. That’s what we’ve got here—a mood of fear and distrust of the Other that has allowed the world’s most powerful government, in conjunction with affluent, elitist organizations like the Bilderberg Group, the Trilateral Commission, the Council on Foreign Relations (and the rest of the so-called Illuminati network of the Round Table) to manipulate global affairs in such a way as to create Discord and War in the short term so they can enact policies and legislation that will make them more dangerous and lethal to the common folk than the supposed Enemies ever were. These groups are financed by banking institutions like Rothschild and Lazard Frères, who have connections with the Synarchist International and Banque Worms financial and industrial cartels that backed the fascist elements in the Vichy regime in France during World War II. These are the people who have dismantled the auto, airline, and steel industries in America thru the changed bankruptcy laws and have driven up the price of oil, natural gas, and electricity, all to enact their vision of a One-World Government. Consider the financial crippling of the postwar Weimar Republic that led directly to Hitler’s ascension (he was, so I’ve heard, a Rothschild) and the creation of the Jewish state in Palestine—a recipe for Holy War and Apocalypse if there ever was one. And the men behind the throne (schemers like Edward Mandell House, Rahm Emanuel, and Karl Rove) have these organizations behind them.

No one wants to believe in presidential bloodlines akin to the Grail and the existence of power-brokerage clubs where the powerful’s offspring go to learn the ways of the secret infrastructure; when names like Felix Rohatyn and David Rockefeller come up, people balk—it’s all too fantastic to believe.

If you were doing things in secret, isn’t that how you’d want it to be? It’s classic misdirection—absurdity is the great delegitimizer, but let’s be real—

What’s more absurd than Life itself?

Those who dig deep and seek to share their findings are labeled paranoiacs and conspiracy theorists and are left discredited even as their predictions play out.

Or, in extreme situations, they are killed.

Take Congressman Larry McDonald, who called for an investigation of the TLC and CFR in 1981 and then died with 268 other passengers on Korean Air Lines flight 007 under the typical “mysterious circumstances.” There are Bills that have gone thru the twin congressional houses of Wealth and Privilege that are so blatantly elitist and corrupt one has to wonder how those politicians feel safe enough to walk the streets. I guess by allowing abuses like those in Miami—barricades and bully lines. Plain-clothed enforcers with tasers and iron fists. It seems so far afield from what you hear on the quadraphonic Blaupunkt—that all this WTO and NAFTA difficulty is some beanpicker’s problem that’s not your heart’s to bleed. But the middle class is shrinking and it ain’t from upward moves…

A growing number of white males are seething at a slow, steady boil—I’ve heard grumblings at the counter of the local breakfast joint about the Infiltration of the Minorities and about Affirmative Action and the quota system. Grumblings rife with words of which their mommas won’t approve but their preacher probably does. And I’m not talking about any Mason–Dixon madness—this is an all over and all around resurgence. But it’s aimed in the wrong direction—“When you get to the bottom you go back to the top of the lies…splice…times…slide.” That slippery fuck of a children’s playground piece. Right down to Miami so crammed full of Cuban refugees turned entrepreneurs and yet quite pointedly, there were 54 countries at the table and Cuba wasn’t one of them. That’s a statement quite clearly made and yet almost completely overlooked.

I’ve been hearing some interesting talk as of late (and for many years, truth be told)—that I could be in danger because I dare to write about these things. Me—a fallen angel, pseudo-human vampire! Some have said that these shadow-government types might get wind of my loathsome Leftist ideals and try to convince you that I’m real—real like Iraqi WMDs, African uranium, Pakistani plutonium (and every other military ruse and play on words), and as out of my mind as all the other conspiracy-hawkers whose constructs contradict their own.

Jesus told the Essenes not to be of nations but of Spirit and yet the great Ultranationalist state is run by right-wing Christians looking to deem anyone not of their mind Terrorists, Deviants, Murderers, and Anti-Christs (not real antichrists, mind you—the Church tends to excommunicate those who have Visions of angels and imps). But you don’t have to take the word of a demon like me—you’ve got other choices—radio stations, grassroots Web organizations (I’m no one’s PSA—spin the dial, do a search, and you’ll find them—at least for now). There are plenty among you who do not reside beneath flags, slogans, anthems, presidents, political parties, or multinational conglomerates. It seems the Biggest, Purest truths are those that suck the hardest and loom largest before one’s eyes. Knowing who’s the Savior and who’s the Antichrist is the key to toppling the towers that set the Low Man low.

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