reflections of the angel falling upward on his 44th birthday and another (fake) election


Waiting for the right vibes beneath the undulating floorboards of a post-Sandy New Jersey of the mind makes me soggy, less inclined to write and fight.

Bono singing “I am the Walrus” will have to do.

And do nicely, thank you.

Don’t believe in H1N1 scare-tactics. The season’s coming up.

It just might be that there are nano tracking devices in the injections.

Or just plain old mercury and formaldehyde.

Don’t believe that everything is going to be alright.

Sure the recession looks like it’s over—just in time to solidly re-elect the princely pawn of the New Technic—now it’s something new. A consolidation of wealth.

90 percent of black kids will be on food stamps in their childhood. That is a failure of this government to the EXTREME.

Who is behind the meteoric rise of Barack Obama? That’s a question worth getting real answers to, cause those self-same bastards are gonna own you. Start with Rahm Emanuel, add water, bring to a boil and you’ll see what will appear.

Al Gore’s making hundreds of millions and just about a billion on a greener environment.

Someone should stick a Mental Advisory—Skewed Lyrics sticker on anything he says from now on (as some have been for quite some time), starting with his books and films.

Donating all the profits to an Environmental Group, Al? I hope fucking so.

Stop with the Twilight and Vampire Diaries nonsense. Teenage girls need to realize that unless they wanna kiss old men, teenage boys are going to be everything teenage boys always have been, and they just need to Deal.

You think vampires are romantic?? Sexy??? We are NOT! Our skin stinks. We are of the Grave. We put worms within your Wombs. Find that appealing? We hypnotize you, not to be all Langella-like but because you wouldn’t let us near you otherwise.

Yeah—Langella. The sexiest movie vampire ever. AOL leaves him off and puts Tom Cruise and this Pattison brooder-boy in their top 10. Please. At least pretend to be rationale. Just to fool the fool-able. Pattison took back the trampire cause it’s good for movie business.

That’s a completely different kind of blood-sucking.

We only brood when we’re questioning god. We don’t pine for you. Just your blood. And you are not your blood.

You’re Tupperware, girls. Nothing more. Not to us.

And your fascination with homosexuals…they see you as drinking buddies, confidants. Not possible partners in life.

Respect who they are. And that might lead to self-respect as well.

Hold your male peers to higher standards, by all means—teenage boys need that—but don’t dance on the dipping dancefloor of TOO HIGH EXPECTATIONS.

As Shakespeare once said, You yourself are “not for all markets,” babe. As a matter of fact, you’re an out to lunch, self-centered, overly dramatic pain in the balls a lot of the time.

Just ask your parents.

Why are priests and nuns being quietly murdered the past four years? Ask yourself this question, and then pursue the most likely answer. The least likely is a pure con. Trust me on this.

It’s almost time to get the sand out from between my teeth and toes. Gonna take that long, public ride in the bright midnight of Jim Morrison and Edgar Allan Poe.

But I’m gonna sleep awhile longer, amigos and madres.

At least thru the premiere of the latest (and thankfully—hopefully—last) Twilight film.

Planner Forthright, The Angel Falling Upward

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