(Con)spiritus Sancti 4: [Illuminati]on, Part 2

If you have a mind to, you can start unraveling the Conspiracy tapestry by pulling the thread named Adam Weishaupt—Catholic priest, Jesuit-trained professor of Canon Law at Inglecot University, and founder of the Illuminati. His idea was for a one-world government, following the destruction of all previous governments and all religions. He finished his Master Plan on May 1, 1776. It had four basic prongs: (1) bribing men in power to their side. (2) recruiting intellectuals from powerful families thru colleges and universities, (3) having these two groups infiltrate the corridors of politics, etc., and (4) having absolute control over the press.

Sounds an awful lot like Modern Times…

Weishaupt scheduled the French Revolution to start in 1789. He got his wish, despite the fact that in 1784 one of his lackeys was struck and killed by lightning while heading to France (almost makes you believe in God—until you see it smacks more of the My Side) with a copy of the Plan for Robespierre (an Illuminati agent).

When the Bavarian government read it they outlawed the Illuminati and their Grand Orient lodges. Just like in the myths about Lucifer (from which the Illuminati derived its name) they went underground and then quietly infiltrated Masonry and other secret societies. They organized the Napoleonic wars to weaken Europe and then convened the Congress of Vienna to create a league of nations, which the czar opposed—Nathan Rothschild swore he’d kill him and his family and in 1917 his vengeance was complete (Lenin, Trotsky, and Stalin were backed financially by the Illuminati)

But I’m getting ahead of myself…

In 1834 the Italian revolutionary Giuseppe Mazzini became the Illuminati head of revolutionary activities. He recruited Albert Pike around 1859 and the enthusiastic American general spent 12 years writing a blueprint for 3 world wars and several revolutions. The first two wars would defeat czarism (Nathan’s revenge) and start and then strengthen communism. In 1848 Karl Marx had written the Communist Manifesto and Karl Ritter wrote the anti-thesis—both were backed by Illuminati sects. Why? Because you mustn’t think of the Communism of the Reds as the NWO’s ultimate goal—it isn’t (as evidenced by watchdog groups like the John Birch Society, named for a intelligence officer/Baptist missionary killed in WW2 by Chinese communists—the wrong type of Communists, just like the American ones rooted out in the 1950s by Tailgunner Joe McCarthy). They just needed two sides equally matched to finally duke it out after the third world war, which would be focused on the Zionists and Muslims (i.e., the troubles with Israel and Palestine).

You need a Magog for the new Crusaders to fight once they are done with their current annihilation of the Gog of Iraq and Afghanistan (loose labeling, with some overlap, but it’ll suffice). Ritter’s work was taken up by Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche, whose ideas helped foment WW2 Nazism. Before the Big Shooting began, though, FDR opened wide the doors to world bankers in 1933 (because it’s always, Always, ALWAYS been about the cash). When FDR went to Lake Leman in Switzerland (where the last known head of the Prieure de Sion had a home) to hash out the Marshall Plan, one of his two closest advisors was the financial wizard Bernard Baruch, who was a graduate of a French hermetic school and a disciple of George Gurdjieff, a Cathar-like mystic. Baruch had previously advised Woodrow Wilson and was an architect of the NWO.

Socialism and the writings of Marx have been praised by the heads of the CFR and the TLC—the Federal Reserve Act and the graduated income tax came directly from Marx and were enacted thru Wilson’s other master—I mean advisor—Edward Mandell House, who started the CFR in 1921. The TLC was headed by Zbigniew Brzezinski in 1970 at the appointment of David Rockefeller, who had read his book praising Marxism and the one-world government. Jimmy Carter, that rags to riches peanut farmer-turned-US President, was a disciple of ole ZB’s and a founding member of the TLC. ZB became his national security advisor.

For a slam-bang finish to all of this I turn to none other than Mr. Bill Clinton, where it all comes together—Rhodes Scholar (named for Illuminati linchpin Cecil Rhodes), TLC, CFR, Bilderberg, and Senior [Order of] DeMolay (an organization modeled on Freemasonry—like with his use of pot and his affairs, no one knows for sure if he went all the way). There are those who say he’s the illegitimate son of a Rockefeller, heartily adopted by the Rothschilds.

Wouldn’t that be a kick.

The world is smack dab in the middle of a game of three-card Monte where the one you choose is being palmed and you keep laying down the rent money in the hopes it turns around.

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