“The Fornication of Church and [United] State[s],” or “It’s OK to Backdoor Someone if You’re Looking to Make a Baby”

“The Fornication of Church and [United] State[s],” or “It’s OK to Backdoor Someone if You’re Looking to Make a Baby”

The sleep of reason produces monsters. (Goya)

Unlimited power is in itself a bad and dangerous thing. Human beings are not competent to exercise it with discretion. (Alexis de Tocqueville, Democracy in America)

It seems fitting as we approach the New Year (arbitrary as it is) to visit some old issues from the Anarchist Archives of my uncollected works [I have left them unedited… cannot STAND to face my “secretary” today, so some of them are a bit dated. So be it]:

I’m nearly speechless with contempt and rage for the goings on as of late with the lets-get-into-bed-and-fuck-ourselves-silly-and-sore between the US government and the fundamentalist and Roman Catholic Church powers. Let me run some of this down for you:

Pat Robertson spouts thinly veiled Death Incantations against liberal judges, as if God could spare his Avenging Angels of Doom to increase the ratings of some dried up husk of a zealot. Months later he jimmy-swaggers into the political ring (again), this time saying God told him the Pres. would win the upcoming election in a walk.

This is no small thing. Substantial amounts of people actually listen to this charlatan. Trouble is, God has no vested interest in how a handful of men exercise their oversized egos, and I’ve never know him to play the political pundit, though I think that the comedian who said that God was stoned off his omnipotent ass when he told Pat to run for president probably nailed that one to the cross.

The Pope and the President decide to join forces in the Crusade (notice the word) against Homosexuality—the latter threatening a constitutional amendment to Ban gay marriages on the heels of the Massachusetts court’s decision. You have two supposed leaders who aren’t clear enough on the ways of the Universe to know that they’ve both undoubtedly been male AND female, as have their partners (and they’ve both had partners—don’t be naïve), so any question of like not attracting like or the “male” having to go solely with the “female” is totally a matter of limited perception. Besides, any guy (or girl) who’s ever pulled his (or her) pud (or pudlette) has engaged in an act of same-sex fondling.

Anyone’s hand Not raised?

(If it’s not, then just where is it?…)

The language regarding the MA judges is “troubling” (to use Pres. Right-Wing’s word): Activist judges arbitrarily imposing their will on the people.

You tell me—isn’t the very purpose of placing a Ban on something to impose one’s will on someone or some group?


Activist judges, he calls them…not judges trying to guarantee freedoms in the Land of the Free. You know the association:

Activist = Traitor.

Activist = Non-Patriot.

Activist = Irresponsible Dope-Smoker.

Activist = Dare to be Heard, but then you’ll pay the price.

I’ve got one last nugget to pass, though it’s not so much a case of Church and State as it is religious paranoia seeping into the mass media and entertainment scene.

A pamphlet came into my hands detailing why the Harry Potter books are instruments of the devil. It had been inserted in the trick-or-treat bag of an eight-year-old Halloweener looking for a stick of gum or a chocolate bar.

Bum deal for him.

He left it crumpled on the sidewalk after mumbling, “What the frick is this?”

Using biblical quotes (big news there), the pamphlet helps the child recipient realize that all witchcraft is bad and that even though Harry and his friends Intend to do good, they simply can’t because they are in the service of a demon.

[and this was years before JK confirmed for us—needlessly—that Dumbledore likes dick]

Nice message—don’t read these works of fiction—read an even better one—The Bible! I’m stretching my liberal wings here a bit, I know, but while we try and tackle the higher theological issues and thwart the plans of Darker Powers, there is some very serious shit going on under all of your noses. It’s not the work of Lucifer, and it’s certainly not the words and directions of God, no matter what Righteous Pat, Defender of the Conservative Path, might say.

Be on your toes. There are strange and twisted creatures lurking in the courtrooms and classrooms of America. Suit-and-tied wielders of secret agendas and serious power kicks, and they have convinced themselves that the Great Neutral One, God himself, is on their side. US Generals speak of their mission in the Middle East in terms of new Crusades (there’s that word again…). The latest Pope has also been known to bandy about the word.

History lesson: It’s quite clear they have no idea what the Crusades really were—a way to get the nobility to stop fighting each other (and their siblings) for limited resources (land and gold) and turn their need for wealth and power Outside.

Or perhaps they know EXACTLY what it is that they say…

Now I need to feed. It happens every time I allow my growing Humanness to get the best of me.

I hate this Plane more than I can say. It truly is a Hell.

And yet, as we finish 2012 and approach a New Year, it feels more and more like home.

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