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Minor Confessions of an An Angel Falling Upward has had a journey only a fallen-angel vampire like Planner Forthright could engineer…

“MCAFU” is an experiment on many levels.

It was first begun in 2001 as a conversion of a series of image-heavy poems into a prose format. It was initially called, at least in the notebook in which it lived, The Tortured Soul Dualities.

Not far into the process of revision of the early chapters, we changed the title to Theatrical Liner Notes of a Failing Antichrist.

We sent an initial draft of Chapter One to an online lit journal named Legion in 2002 and the two editors graciously agreed to serialize it, posting one chapter a month (each running approximately 8 pages) under the title Theatrical Memoirs of an Often Failing Antichrist. In the 15 months and 15 chapters posted before Legion went dark, the novel attracted dozens of steady readers and generated a good deal of feedback, especially from fellow writers, who began to ask questions about the larger story and its mythology. The talented writer and artist Nick Pendleton answered the editors’ call for illustrations to accompany the work and these and other drawings Nick later created have become the cover art for the book and appear in the Multimedia section of

We were half way through chapter 16 (of a planned 23—One more than Revelation) when Legion Studios went dark and we saw it as a good opportunity to begin more thorough revisions within a much tighter literary framework. To that end we renamed the novel (yet again) to Minor Confessions of an Often Failing Antichrist (or MCOFA) and in 2004 posted a revised chapter 1 on

In 2006, a new concept was created for the book: (Perhaps) the World’s First Liquid Morphing, Ever Changing Full-Length Novel [not that that should matter…] This is akin to what Walt Whitman did on paper with Leaves of Grass and is sort of an homage to the scope and variety to James Joyce’s Finnegan’s Wake for a post-post-postmodern world. The chapter headings were removed and feedback from trusted colleagues and various publishers led us to continually tweak the book, and many sections were removed for a blog series on MySpace (those blogs, in revised form, will continue to appear in the Blog section of

In 2010 the book went through its final name change, becoming Minor Confessions of an An Angel Falling Upward.

Planner and I hope this Archive section gives the reader a glimpse and some insight into how a large and complicated post-postmodern work evolves over the course many years.